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WHY Wild Horse Yoga?

Wild Horse Yoga (WHY) is about connection.

Horses are sentient beings who are synonymous with wisdom. A wild horse, represents physical, mental, and spiritual freedom and vitality. At WHY, we work with the body, mind and spirit to restore connection, wisdom, and freedom through yogic and somatic practices.

Wild Horse Survival

Aloft the wind
I ride the night sky
I see the world through a much different eye

Power, beauty
Strength and grace
I feel the spirits of ancestral space

Pride of herd
Sisters and brothers
I live ever watchful standing by others

A kaleidoscope of colors
No two ever the same
The short, the tall, the long of mane

I know the chance
I know the fear
I live on the edge for death crouches near

On my back I carry a load
Through storm and calm
Ever vigilant and bold

I have died in battle
Killed by man
Hunted by predator as I roamed the land

No more room
Not enough grazing
Captured, shot, sold by pound on bills of lading

Yet I survive
Sometimes an insurmountable course
I am feral, I am Mustang, I am Wild Horse

~© Trish Beckwith


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